MS-ACIT Syllabus

This course offers the skills which will transform a School Teacher to eSchool Teacher. These skills cover 21st Century Skills to make teachers ready to perform different roles as a 21st-century teacher.

Role of 21st Century Teacher 21st Century Mindset 21st Century Skills
Technology Facilitator
माझी टॅबलेटशी मैत्री I can open the browser on tablet
I am connected मी तंत्रज्ञान स्नेही आहे I can identify the errors while opening the browser
माझी टॅब वर्ग खोली I can check the connectivity to the server
I can connect charger to tablet
I can connect headphones to the tablet
I can set up a laptop to run a slide show on a projector
I can check the IT Infrastructure of classroom
I can troubleshoot basic technological problems
Classroom Facilitator
मी टॅबवर शिकवतो I can manage my classroom on tablet
माझ्या वर्गाची नवी रचना I can use  tablet in the classroom
अर्थपूर्ण अभिप्राय I can differentiate between traditional classroom and flipped classroom
प्रश्नातून उत्तराकडे I can make the settings of tab-based classroom
कार्यरत मुले I can flip my tab based classroom
माझ्या वर्गाचे नियोजन I can prepare my students to give effective peer feedback
I can identify that students are engaged
I can make students engaged in questioning
I can engage students with exciting tools
I can promote active learning in the classroom
I can foster students learning through the use of debates
I can create Google classroom
Academic Facilitator
वर्गातील मुलांचे गट I can create groups in Google Classroom
माझा वर्ग माझ्या मोबाईलवर I can access student's assignments quickly
डाउनलोड व अपलोड I can organize my class stream
I can manage learning content on mobile device
I can upload and download files to virtual classroom
I can share large files with students
eContent Developer  
शिकण्याची उद्दिष्ट्ये I can write objectives using Bloom's Taxonomy
मी पाठाची योजना तयार केली I can prepare learning object using Gagne's nine events
मनोरंजक शिक्षण साहित्य I can develop a learning object using Rapid Content Development
मल्टिमिडीया I can prepare a lesson plan using the ASSURE model
ऑडिओ आणि विडिओ I can prepare  video using Windows Movie Maker
स्टोरीबोर्ड I can create a video from PowerPoint
आकर्षक विडिओ I can change the audio-video format online
विडिओ एडिटिंग I can identify different multimedia tools for teaching
माहितीचा शोध I can use multimedia tools in teaching
ऑनलाईन माहिती I can develop multimedia activities for the students
I can insert an audio in PowerPoint
I can create a storyboard
I can use storyboard for teaching and learning
I can use existing  video content
I can record the screen using Camtasia
I can insert audio into the video
I can edit video in Camtasia
I can make use of open resources
I can use online material considering copyright issues
eAssessment Developer  
प्रश्नांची योजना I can plan questions
चांगले प्रश्न I can prepare different types of questions
I can create online test
I can write good questions
I can construct questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
सोशल मीडिया I can use Skype
ऑनलाईन वर्ग I can animate PowerPoint presentation
वर्गाचा ब्लॉग किंवा वेबसाईट I can create a quiz in PowerPoint
I can build virtual classroom using WizIQ
I can create Google One community for class
I can use Google Drawing for different subjects
I can create crosswords and worksheets
I can create engaging videos
Techno pedagogue  
Learning with video I can make use of videos in teaching
शैक्षणिक उद्देशासाठी अॅप्सचा उपयोग I can create YouTube channel
Photo Sharing I can create infographics
I can use voice recorder mobile app
I can make use of mobile learning in the classroom
I can share photos using Google photos
I can use Instagram in the classroom
सर्च सेवा I can use google translate
शैक्षणिक संसाधने I can contribute to google translate
गुगलची वैशिष्ट्ये I can create a custom Google Search Engine for my students
I can set up Google Alerts
I can search by image
I can read a newspaper online
I can learn a foreign language online
eSchool Leader  
ऑनलाईन माहितीचं नियोजन I can curate online content
डिजिटल टूल्सचा उपयोग I can share curated content with students
ऑनलाईन नोंद I can use Edmodo for classroom activities
I can organize and share digital notes

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