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MS-ACIT (Maharashtra State Advance Certificate in Information Technology)

MS-ACIT course offers the skills which will transform a School Teacher to eSchool Teacher. These skills cover 21st- Century Skills to make teachers ready to perform different roles as a 21st- Century Teacher.

This Course Comprises of:

  • Self-learning with eLearning
  • Practice in actual tools or applications
  • Performing ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY)
  • Uploading the assignments

MS-ACIT Course Objectives:

This course covers Instructional Designing theories, basic IT skills using application software tools, case study based functional use of IT skills in teaching – learning.

Roles of a 21st Century Teacher :

  • Technology Facilitator
  • Classroom Facilitator
  • Academic Facilitator
  • eContent Developer
  • eAssessment Developer
  • eTutor
  • Techno- Pedagogue
  • Researcher
  • Life-long Learner
  • eSchool Leader

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