This course offers the skills which will transform a School Teacher to eSchool Teacher. These skills cover 21st Century Skills to make teachers ready to perform different roles as a 21st -Century Teacher.


Using features of sticky notes and snipping tool, connecting to Wi-Fi, connecting external devices to laptop, connecting projector to laptop and tablet, flipping tab based classroom, making students engaged with questioning, engaging students with exciting tools, using class debates to foster students’ engagement, creating groups on Google Classroom, sharing large files with students, creating video from PowerPoint, changing audio-video format online, watching TED Talk, enrolling in edX courses, searching free online courses, learning foreign language online, sharing photos using Google Photos


Online poll, Google calendar, Google classroom, online test, storyboard, copyright free image and video, questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, PowerPoint presentation, quiz in PowerPoint, Google Slides, virtual classroom, Google Plus Community of class, class blog, Google Site, crosswords, worksheets, engaging video, YouTube channel, infographic, custom Google Search Engine, Google Alert, curated online content, Google Form, digital notes using Google Keep

Online Poll

Google Calendar

Online test

Google Site

Detailed Syllabus:

This course offers the skills which will transform a School Teacher to eSchool Teacher. These skills cover 21st Century Skills to make teachers ready to perform different roles as a 21st-century teacher.


Role of 21st Century Teacher

21st Century Mindset

21st Century Skills

Technology Facilitator



माझी टॅबलेटशी मैत्री

I can open the browser on tablet

I am connected मी तंत्रज्ञान स्नेही आहे

I can identify the errors while opening the browser

Projecting ideas and facts

I can write the error in the sticky notes

माझी टॅब वर्ग खोली

I can use the features of Sticky notes

I can take the screenshot of error using snipping tool

I can use the features of Snipping tool

I can connect to Wi-Fi

I can check the connectivity to the server

I can connect charger to tablet

I can connect headphones to the tablet

I can switch on/ off the projector

I can connect laptop to the projector

I can set up a laptop to run a slide show on a projector

I can check the IT Infrastructure of classroom

I can troubleshoot basic technological problems

Classroom Facilitator

मी टॅबवर शिकवतो

I can manage my classroom on tablet

माझ्या वर्गाची नवी रचना

I can use  tablet in the classroom

अर्थपूर्ण अभिप्राय

I can differentiate between traditional classroom and flipped classroom

प्रश्नातून उत्तराकडे

I can make the settings of tab-based classroom

कार्यरत मुले

I can flip my tab based classroom

माझ्या वर्गाचे नियोजन

I can prepare my students to give effective peer feedback

I can identify that students are engaged

I can make students engaged in questioning

I can engage students with exciting tools

I can promote active learning in the classroom

I can foster students learning through the use of debates

I can use polling software in teaching

I can create online poll

I can manage my classroom using Google Calendar

I can create a Google Calendar

I can create Google classroom

Academic Facilitator

वर्गातील मुलांचे गट

I can create groups in Google Classroom

माझा वर्ग माझ्या मोबाईलवर

I can access student's assignments quickly

डाउनलोड व अपलोड

I can organize my class stream

I can manage learning content on mobile device

I can upload and download files to virtual classroom

I can share large files with students

eContent Developer


शिकण्याची उद्दिष्ट्ये

I can write objectives using Bloom's Taxonomy

मी पाठाची योजना तयार केली

I can prepare learning object using Gagne's nine events

मनोरंजक शिक्षण साहित्य

I can develop a learning object using Rapid Content Development


I can prepare a lesson plan using the ASSURE model

ऑडिओ आणि विडिओ

I can prepare  video using Windows Movie Maker


I can create a video from PowerPoint

आकर्षक विडिओ

I can change the audio-video format online

विडिओ एडिटिंग

I can identify different multimedia tools for teaching

माहितीचा शोध

I can use multimedia tools in teaching

ऑनलाईन माहिती

I can develop multimedia activities for the students

I can insert an audio in PowerPoint

I can create a storyboard

I can use storyboard for teaching and learning

I can use existing  video content

I can record the screen using Camtasia

I can insert audio into the video

I can edit video in Camtasia

I can use Google to find information

I can use Wikipedia to design the assignments

I can make use of open resources

I can use online material considering copyright issues

eAssessment Developer


प्रश्नांची योजना

I can plan questions

चांगले प्रश्न

I can prepare different types of questions

I can create online test

I can write good questions

I can construct questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy



सोशल मीडिया

I can use Skype

आकर्षक प्रेझेंटेशन

I can use Facebook as a teaching tool


I can create a presentation

ऑनलाईन वर्ग

I can animate PowerPoint presentation

वर्गाचा ब्लॉग किंवा वेबसाईट

I can create a quiz in PowerPoint

पाठाची आकर्षक योजना

I can use Google Slides

मनोरंजक उपक्रम

I can answer the real-time questions of students' via Google Slides

I can build virtual classroom using WizIQ

I can create Google plus community for class

I can share notes on class blog

I can connect with student and parents using Google Sites

I can use Google Drawing for different subjects

I can collate lesson resources using google drive

I can create crosswords and worksheets

I can create engaging videos

Techno pedagogue


Learning with video

I can make use of videos in teaching

शैक्षणिक उद्देशासाठी अॅप्सचा उपयोग

I can create YouTube channel

ऑनलाईन अॅप्स

I can use NeuroNation app to improve students ability

Mobile Learning

I can use StayFocusd app to improve students productivity

Photo Sharing

I can create infographics

I can make use of online sticky notes

I can use voice recorder mobile app

I can make use of mobile learning in the classroom

I can share photos using Google photos

I can use Instagram in the classroom



सर्च सेवा

I can use google translate

शैक्षणिक संसाधने

I can contribute to google translate

गुगलची वैशिष्ट्ये

I can create a custom Google Search Engine for my students

उपयुक्त वेबसाईट्स

I can make available eBooks for the students

I can set up Google Alerts

I can search by image

I can read a newspaper online

I can learn a foreign language online

Lifelong Learner


ऑनलाईन शिक्षण

I can watch a TED Talk

I can search for (MOOCs) or free open online courses

I can enrol in edX courses

eSchool Leader


ऑनलाईन माहितीचं नियोजन

I can curate online content

डिजिटल टूल्सचा उपयोग

I can share curated content with students

ऑनलाईन नोंद

I can use Edmodo for classroom activities

I can use Google Forms in teaching

I can create digital notes using Google Keep

I can organize and share digital notes

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